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Automated Status Updates and Improved
Project Results
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Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills
Setup is Fast and Painless
Choose how often you need updates on team member progress for each project. Then, customize your questions to get the information you need and address any team member concerns. Finally, add team members to each project and you're ready to start effortlessly collecting updates.
All the Info in One Place
Once your team members respond to your questions, we'll gather the answers and prepare them in a nicely-formatted, easy-to-read report. Each report will give you a snapshot of each team member's progress, potential productivity issues, and the overall status of the project.
Your Team Will Love It
Team members can use a simple, visual editing tool to make project managers aware of needs, concerns, and roadblocks that are impeding their progress. It also gives you a chance to provide positive feedback and encouragement, as well as any necessary intervention and assistance.
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Integrates with Your Existing Platforms

Use Project Pulse with your existing marketing and productivity platforms like Google Drive, Asana, Airtable, Trello, and more.
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Gathering data

  • Automatically Gather Team Member Status Updates

  • Connect to your data sources and pull in relevant information.


  • We automatically create a report and easily allow you to add data points and new content blocks

Double checking

  • Send a report for review and testing

Data Visualization

  • Have a variety of already created content blocks for your data so you can visualize without having to create the visualization yourself


  • We automatically send email reminders to team members and project managers to submit reports

  • You can see when reports are open

  • You have a history of all your reports sent to stakeholders

Data Entry / Repetitive work

  • Connect with data sources so you dont't have to type it again.

  • Automatically create updates / reports

  • Using templates speeds up the process of data entry.

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